Much more than simply oil tasting, we will take you on a journey through the flavours, aromas and colours of Umbria. A journey across all your senses guided by experts for the correct evaluation of the extra virgin olive oil produced by Frantoio Berti.

If you follow the route of the Strada dell’Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva DOP Umbria then Frantoio Berti is an excellent place to stop in order to understand more of this region of warm colours, velvety flavours and intense aromas.

Throughout the year the Berti family is pleased to host oil tasting and educational tours for tour groups and lovers of excellent food who want to know more and develop a deeper understanding of the culture of extra virgin olive oil during their trip to Umbria.


We provide a very personal experience where visitors can sample typical yet original flavours.  You can chose from different menus and taste our company’s products, such as the extra virgin olive oil, wines (Grechetto Umbria and Umbria Rosso), olive oil based sauces and dips, products of Norcineria Umbra, lentils, chickpeas, spelt and chocolate.

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