In addition to being a centre for the production and development of high quality extra virgin olive oil, Società Agricola Berti has also become an educational centre for the sharing of knowledge and as a result was awarded the status of an “educational farm” by the Umbria Region in 2010.

This project is the result of many years of voluntary cooperation between the Berti family, the University and several schools in Perugia.

The aim of the farm project is to continue to communicate to the younger generations, through direct knowledge, the culture and passion of the traditional Umbrian activity of olive growing.

A visit includes a tour around the premises accompanied by an expert who explains the whole olive oil production process in an interesting and entertaining manner.

In the months of October, November and December, you can take part in the olive harvest and assist in the extraction of the oil.  This way you will learn how a tiny fruit is turned into a great oil. These educational “activities” culminate in the tasting room where visitors can taste the selection of oils produced by the company.

The elaioteca is a special room in the old warehouse where the oil was originally stored in jars made of internally vitrified terracotta clay.  This is both the start and end point of the educational trail along which visitors are taken.  Here oil tasting will both educate your palate and teach you to recognise the intense and velvety flavours.  You will discover new and sublime combinations of dishes with various olive oil products.

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