Traceability system in the olive oil sector:

Quality, safety and transparency are the guarantees that consumers are entitled to expect when purchasing any food product.

Frantoio Berti, in collaboration with Unaprol (a consortium of Italian olive oil producers), has been striving for the establishment of a precise system of traceability in the olive oil sector.  This tool allows for the reconstruction of the life of the oil from production to packaging, describing the process for obtaining all the components of the supply chain, the origin of the raw materials and the organoleptic characteristics.

The project provides, for any individual production batch, the additional certification by the CSQA (an Italian certification and inspection body for the food industry) (NormaUNI EN ISO 22005: 08).  There is also an innovative information service: send an SMS to +39 340 5163169 quoting the lot code found on the bottle (eg T00 000 000 000) and you will receive, free of charge on your mobile, all the information on the extra virgin olive oil that you have brought to the table.

To order extra virgin olive oil with traceable packaging you can contact us by phone or complete the form in the Shop section.