In 2009 Coldiretti (the Italian National Farmers Confederation) launched a project for an “All Italian Agricultural Production Process” with the aim of developing a strong “Grown in Italy” identity, to add value for Italian farmers and to enable consumers to make informed and healthy purchases.

Thus was born the Campagna Amica brand that identifies those places where you can find agricultural products of guaranteed provenance.

At a time when economic globalisation has led to delocalisation of food production, Campagna Amica manufacturers are entrepreneurs who continue to innovate and invest in their businesses, using agronomic practices compatible with environmental protection and biodiversity.  They commit to maintaining high quality at fair prices, with products that not only represent an important asset for the whole country but are healthy, good and wholesome.

In accordance with these values Agricola Berti has always adopted a supply chain traceability system and promoted the culture of agricultural production in “zero kilometers”.  It therefore joined the project and has been given an identification code n.AAPGUMB102 on the register of Campagna Amica farms

Our products our available to buy at our shop (Point Campagna Amica) or via our website for delivery directly to your home in Italy or abroad.


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