The quality of the extra virgin olive oil depends on the characteristics of the olives, the extraction method, and the correct storage of the finished product. For this reason, all stages of the oil production process must follow precisely certified procedures.


The process begins with the selection of the olives, which must be healthy and undamaged. Within 24-48 hours they are thoroughly cleaned, removing all impurities from the fruit (leaves and twigs) and then placed in running drinking water to clean the skins of any further residues.


Having been crushed, the olive pulp reaches the Sinolea, a machine that carries out the extraction by means of a natural cold dripping method.

Using this method the olive paste is subjected to a process by which thousands of steel blades in the form of a giant comb continuously dip in and out, extracting about 50% of the oil...


The olive pulp is then pumped under gentle pressure into the purification tank, a new-generation ecological horizontal centrifugal machine, where the remaining oil is extracted out.

Working in an innovative way, the machine adapts to the different conditions of the olive paste, reducing the turbulence of the water and oil inside the centrifuge to the absolute minimum.  This gentle treatment reduces the loss of the most ephemeral elements of the oil which are so vital to its quality.

The oil production process continues with the oil “must”, obtained from the double extraction, being fed into the vertical centrifugal separators where it is finally separated from any remaining water.


The Extra Virgin Olive Oil thus obtained is kept at a constant temperature (12 ° C) in stainless steel barrels hermetically protected from light and air. After a brief settling period the oil is bottled.

At the end of each production cycle and throughout the storage period, the oil is subjected to continuous taste tests.  It is only from an organoleptic evaluation (that is flavour, aroma and appearance) as well as physico-chemical, that one can be sure of the right balance of the essential components of the oil: the olives, the Frantoio Berti, meticulous processing, ancient knowledge, technological innovation and the strong bond with the territory.


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